The Soap Project (Video Installation)

(Video: Pehagengsi | Musik: Irfan R. Drajat)

Agung Kurniawan
'The Soap Project'
People are missing. Justice is missing. However, history remains.
After their disappearance made by the country, Munir, Poster, Marsinah, Widji Thukul and Udin reappear in the form of soap sculptures. These missing persons soaps are available to the public. Those figures history tried to eliminate will disappear once again with each hand wash. Through The Soap Project (2015), Agung 'Leak' Kurniawan discusses political issues under the government's power tendency to  'wash their hands' than truth-seeking efforts. The Soap Project offers not only multisensory experience, but also brings the public closer to the political issues through everyday objects and activities.
In addition to The Soap Project, Agung will once again feature his Kimchil Series (2015). Through this life size installation, Agung displays the kimcil phenomenon, a slang term for female teenagers identical to instability and delinquency that are often found on the streets of Jakarta.

image by IndoArtNow



Pehagengsi adalah supergrup dengan kemampuan yang 'terbatas', meyakini bahwa produksi pengetahuan adalah kunci utama, Visual-Audio salah satu disiplinnya dan Alter Native adalah semangatnya. Mari bekerjasama! (Hotline: 081.392.19.4679 - RM. Maya)

AWARD & NOMINATION Bulan Film Nasional 2020 // Winner Regional Indonesia 21st DigiCon Hong Kong 2019 // Commision Work for Soundrenaline 2016 // Film Pendek Terbaik Psychofest Surabaya 2013 // Honda TVC 2nd Winner, 2012 // Smartfren Video 1st Winner, 2011

PEHAGENGSI; Alter Native